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Streams profile has me listed as: 2 SD/2HD (WAN); 2SD/2HD (Ingress). How can I get at least 3 HD or 4 HD? The rest of the System Resource is :
Bandwith Cap: 21973600 (WAN); 21973600 (Ingress)
Egress Profile: 20000000, 0SD/3HD
Allocated managed memory: 6,744kb
Available physical memory: 8208kb
Available virtual memory: 14,784kb
Memory load: 81%
Disk status: Not Present

Really appreciate any help to resolve this issue. I had uverse before and could watch 2 HD tv's and record 1 or 2 shows at one time. I left uverse for a short while, and now that I have come back to uverse, sometimes I cannot even watch 2 HD tv's without getting and error message on one of the tv's.

This question, "Need help with Streams profile," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.
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