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Several X1 customers have 3rd party remotes because like me, we are trying to control several devices (audio system, DVR Player). All of the remotes for the X1 are designed for the X1 and maybe the TV. So many, many of us buy third party "universal" remotes.

Many of us appear to have settled on a Logitech Harmony remote. There are several models...Harmony, and others.

In my case, and looking at these forums, all of the commands work except "skip forward." Fast forward works, skip backwards works, not skip forward.

Logitech told me and others that they need the "pronto hex code" to program the skip forward button. Logitech has been very responsive...they've tried a bunch of things including having the remote "learn" from the codes sent by the Xfinity remote.

Xfinity on the other hand has not been responsive. They keep telling me I need to contact Logitech (which I have) and that Xfinity doesn't troubleshoot Logitech devices. Of course, I am not asking them to "troubleshoot" I am just asking for the code.

If anyone reads this and knows how to stimulate Xfinity to let its customers know this code, several of us would be very, very appreciative.

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