Need replacement advice


As you can see from the pics, it's time to replace the antenna. Over the years,
wind driven branches, broken from trees in our front yard, have taken their toll
and reception has finally been compromised. I have no idea what brand it is, there
are no labels or markings anywhere, even inside the plastic enclosure. I have
sent pics to websites such as Dennys and Solids Signal but no one has been able
to identify it. I can say though, with confidence, the unit was purchased and
installed in 1990 by the individual who built the house.
In February I took the time to get signal strength readings in order to be
able to compare them to current values, guessing that knowing the degradation
from foliage may prove useful. Most of the channels we watch have towers in the
Indianapolis area (real 9,13,20,25,29,45,etc). These seem to be nearly unaffected
by seasonal changes and signals remain high at 80 to 85. However, channels 27 and 32,
which are equally important, went from 25 to 15 which is entirely too low to be
useable. I have found out that by aiming the antenna to favor either one, a signal
of 18+ seems adequate for decent reception in good weather. The closest mature trees
are 60 to 60 yards away, in the direction of channel 32 and not on my property....
if that helps at all.
Other info....... 28 feet above ground (7 feet above roof ridge), boom length 104 in,
55-60 feet of RG59 (new 6 is a given), single Sony TV, Magnavox 513 recorder, no
splitters......a dirt simple setup.
What do I buy to replace it? And if necessary, I can handle any required modifications.
For some reason the radar image does not want to attach correctly, so here's a link




27 and 32 are 70 degrees apart and a highly directional antenna probably will reject both since they are to either side of your main channels.

I would look at using a UHF/VHF signal combiner with a vhf high band antenna pointed at Indianapolis and a 4 bay UHF antenna that will have wider beam and probably pull in the channels to the side better than a single antenna.