Need service in 6 rooms, will this work... - DirecTV

I'm moving to a new house and taking in some extended family. Will need directv service in the family room as well as 5 bedrooms, so 6 rooms total. In my current house we have whole-home with a Genie HR54 and 3x Genie mini C51 clients. As I understand it, the Genie whole-home is limited to showing live or recorded content on no more than 4 TV's at once. I own older directv equipment from a while back that I never got rid of after upgrading (an HR24 DVR and a few H25 receivers).

Upon moving to the new house, will the installer be able to install the Genie system in the first 4 rooms, and then the HR24 and an H25 in the other rooms, so that all 6 rooms can view content at once? If so, what will be required?

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