Question: Need some assistance with aligning a new antenna.

I have a DTV system, and the single-LNB antenna went south. I purchased a three-LNB antenna, and a Triplett 3275 alignment meter. I followed the instructions -- connected the meter in-line with power off at the receiver. When I energized the receiver, I saw the indicator lights for power come on. I had set the bearing, azimuth, and skew to the positions published on the DTV 'Satellite' page (183° bearing, 55° azimuth. 83° skew -- location is central Texas). I did receive a signal, which fluctuated rhythmically, and both 18V and 13V lights came on alternately as the signal meter movement fluctuated. The meter also emitted an audible tone, which varied as the signal did. Moving the dish's bearing very slightly caused no change in meter deflection.

I have electronic experience (ex-Navy comm ET), but my S-band radar frequency skills are not as good. My forté is more vacuum tube guitar amps. Any assistance in aligning a new antenna would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,