Need some help with my Sanyo DP42410


Hi all - so here's the story -
I have been a long time cable/satellite junkie, and have basically snubbed my nose at the new OTA digital world until now. My wife and I have decided, after enjoying Netflix, and "discovering" the digital OTA possibilities, that we are going to let go of our satellite and trim expenses a bit.

So my house has an antenna - old style - that has a rotator on it, and my awesome neighbor donated a random rotator base that I managed through much luck to get hooked up and working - things are looking up.

We live in a rural area between 2 major cities with plenty of channels from each. I can point the antenna at city #1, do a digital scan, find x number of channels and the tv locks them in, and all is great.

Then I rotate to city #2, and have to re-scan to pick up these channels. My original channels from City #1 are erased. Again I have a Sanyo 42" DP42410, and I cannot find any way to "add" channels through scan without losing previously saved channels. Nor can I manually add channels without scanning.

My plans are to replace the ancient jack-legged rotator with a more modern one with remote, etc... but I need to know that there is a solution for losing the scanned channels.

If this perfectly beautiful television can't do it on it's own... what do I need to buy?

Any recommendations on new rotator?

Thanks in advance for any help!


Is this a , house , town home , condo , apartment , mobile home , motor home or etc.?? Enter in a antenna height of 25 feet. Use your Exact address , the exact address will not be displayed for every one to see , but is required for a accurate report. How many Tv's are/will be connected??

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Your confusion is understandable. I scanned through the Sanyo DP42410 manual, and there's absolutely no mention of manual tuning. This is even worse than the manual for my $60 Walmart TV, where it gives it one sentence, but never mentions the existence of "Real" channel numbers, as opposed virtual channels.

The function is probably in there, even though it's not in the manual. If you can't manually tune individual channels, then it seems to me you could get a refund on the set, since manual claims: "This HDTV can receive ANY unscrambled RF signal being broadcast."

Here's what I have to do with my TV. (I imagine something similar will work for you.): Find out the REAL digital channel that corresponds to the virtual number you want. One way to do this is to look at your TVFool report. (Enter your info here: TV Fool ) The Real numbers are listed next to the virtual numbers you normally use on your TV. (Don't ask me why they did it this way.)

Find a station/virtual channel that is NOT in your TV's memory, but you'd like it to be. Make sure the real (pre-dot) number isn't the same as a virtual number already in memory, or this won't work. Enter this real number with your remote. Include a ".1" after the pre-dot number. IF (and only if) this real channel is available, your TV should magically tune it in and SWITCH to the virtual number right before your eyes.

I'm not completely certain, on your TV, whether it will be necessary to enter the "1" after [real channel][1--] Please try it both ways. That [1--] is not the digit 1. That's the way your manual refers to the delimiter between the two parts of a digital channel number. [1--] is intended to be one key press.

EXAMPLE: (These are made up numbers, since I don't have your TVFool report.)
You've done a scan and have a bunch of channels in there. You rotate the antenna, and now you're sure you should be able to receive digital channel 12.1 (possibly also 12.2, etc.) But if you just enter 12.1 with your remote, there's no way for it know what you're talking about, since 12.1 is actually associated with Real channel 22, and these associations are different in different parts of the country!

Now, first you make sure there isn't already a virtual channel 22.1 in your lineup. Assuming that's the case, just enter 22.1 into the remote (digits 2, 2, [1--], 1) and the TV should tune in the station, which you will henceforth refer to as 12.1 . The TV should also find any subchannels associated with 12.1, and update its memory.

If this doesn't work for you, I got nuthin, except sell the Sanyo and get a set with a decent tuner. It's a hassle, I know. There are two stations I can't even try to tune in, because I live between Chicago and Milwaukee, and there are real/virtual number conflicts.

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A non-helpful response?

:welcome: hubster5,

There are TV sets with tuners that will not allow 'unscanned" channels to be manually accessed, such as the Haier 7" and 10" portables and if rescanned they wipe their memories and collect only what they 'see' on every new scan. One converter box I had 4 years ago would allow directly 'dialed' channels, but it refused to remember them. To date, there isn't a standard requirement.

Your confusion is understandable. Rick
Yes, but not half as confused as some tuners are ... please follow through with Rick's excellent suggestions and report back to us.



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That situation is pretty poor, we never have rotors to change direction or anything... and still... >98% of sets here have a standard auto-tune which wipes all stations AND a manual tune (by RF [real] channel) which merely adds another station without adjusting the rest. even if the LCN [virtual channel] is the same it will just be placed into a channel in the range of LCN 350-399. A few sets/devices even have an update auto-tune which rescans everything and adds to the pre-existing channel list