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Well, after being at my address for 14 years and living with dial up for the first 6 of those years and then getting a DSL connection for the past 8 years that maxes out typically at around 2Mbps, TWC (or Spectrum I guess now in Central NY) contacted me today and let me know cable is now available at my address. I noticed the equipment being installed at the poles on my road a couple months ago and now it's finally happened...service is ready here.

So I called TWC (Spectrum) today and ordered the maximum available speed internet I could get which is 50/5. I did not choose the option to lease their modem. I have no idea if faster speeds will be offered in the future, but I'd like to be a little future proof. So I want to get I guess a 16x4 minimum modem. Maybe even more like a 24x8. Just don't know if I need that yet.

I'm wiling to spend between $100 - $200 on something that will last me for 3-5 years. Obviouisly the lower cost the better. So I'm wondering what existing customers would recommend from the current list of approved modems at

Also, do you recommend getting a modem that is NOT a wireless router also and buying a separate wireless router? Or do you think the combination modem/wireless routers available from the list are OK?

Looks like I can get an Arris SB6190 (32x8), or a Netgear CM600 (24x8) for a tad more than $100. Then I'd need to get a wireless router. Or maybe I don't even need a modem as good as the two I listed and could go with something cheaper and be sure to get a good wireless router. Or maybe I should only look at combination modem / wireless routers like the Netgear C7000 or Arris SBG6900-AC.

My problem is the service is scheduled to be installed on Thursday or Friday of this week. So I need to purchase like really soon - hopefully by today (later) which is Tuesday the 24th. Typically I would just spend lots of time researching and then after I've gathered all the relevant data go purchase. But I don't have the time I typically would have.

I sincerely appreciate any help you might be able to provide.

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Joe V

I highly recommend purchasing the Motorola MG7550 modem + router. It costs $175 but it is the BEST. I have comcast as my internet provider and am provisioned at 150 megs and my speeds are anywhere from 170 to 210 megs.