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We are located at the bottom of a hill on lake front property on the water. We are in a park model and aren't interested in satellite as we only spend weekends and vacation weeks here over a 6 month period. We have been using RCA ANT111R rabbit ears. They work okay for the most part except when windy (we also have lots of tall pine trees around us). Channel 13.1 is the worst in the wind. We are looking for a better indoor antenna. I purchased a Mohu Leaf (non-amp) last year and that only pulled in 1 channel instead of the 3 we are getting (that was a waste of $$). Any help is appreciated.

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As I understand, a "Park Model" is a manufactured home similar to a mobile home. I am thinking that there is a lot of metal in the construction. Metal will block signals.

Now, a question for you: Why are you looking for an indoor antenna? Do you own this park model? Looking at your TVfool, even at ground level, you have a decent signal for abc, nbc, and cbs. If you could get an antenna outside and a few feet above the roof you can add CW, FOX, PBS, and more.

Most people can have an antenna - that's the law.See Over-the-Air Reception Devices Rule | or Installing Consumer-Owned Antennas and Satellite Dishes | If you can put an antenna outside, we can help. If not,


Thanks for your response MrPogi. We can indeed put an antenna outside either on a tree or on the roof of our park model as we do owe it. I didn't realize that we were able to get these added channels with an external antenna! I'm all ears. I'm just concerned with the process of installing an outside antenna as I have never done this before. I assume I will have to do the install since I have had no luck finding anybody local who provides this service.


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Pogi is right about height, the more the better...

Trees are a little unstable, but if nothing else is available. One fairly easy way is to buy a couple pieces of standard (schedule 40) Pipe and a Coupling. And just put together a Mast. That's 20 ft, and not hard to erect with a couple people. If you can stand it up against a building or some structure, and bolt to it. The Pipe is pretty stiff/strong and you may not even need any Guy Wires to stabilize it, though those are a good idea. Another option is a standard J-Pipe Roof Mount.

One thing you can't get away from is, that your stations are basically in four directions from you.
If you go with a Directional Outdoor Antenna, you could pick up NBC and ABC very well, and possibly other stations (down the list) generally in the 230° direction. But, to get CBS, CW, MyN and possibly others at the 140° direction, you would have to turn your Antenna manually, or get a Rotator, or get two Antennas and point them at those directions individually. A third option is a Omni-Directional Antenna, but, given the abundance of 2edge stations, I'm not certain as to how well an Omni would work. Keep in mind that, going with an outdoor Antenna is probably going to cost upward toward $100 or so, more if you go with a Rotator or two Antennas.

So, the next thing you need to do is...
Run your chart again at TVFool, and scroll down to the bottom of the page and enter 20 ft in the "Height above Ground" cell and see what that does for your reception !

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