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I live in Colorado Springs on Cheyenne mountain. I live under the broadcasting antenna in my area and I am having difficulty finding the proper antenna to pick up local TV stations. I am wanting to cut loose of Direct TV. I have purchased several different types of indoor HD antenna and none have worked satisfactorily. My house faces North North East at about 6,800 ft above sea level and the broadcasting antenna are above me at about 10,200 ft above sea level.

The locations of where my TV are: one on the backside of the house (south west) side. It is on the first floor of the house. I can receive several stations, but not CBS. I get NBC, weakly, ABC and Fox. The other TV is located on the second floor facing North east. Here I get CBS, NBC, weakly, ABC and no Fox or weak at best.

I would like to install a proper antenna that would allow me to pick up all local stations and to put the antenna in the attic or outside, not on the roof.

Since I am totally ignorant on this subject, can you recommend an antenna that would solve my problem and is this something I could install or who would I hire to handle?

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Please run a free antenna survey here: and then post the resulting URL here for us to study. It will display your relative location to the transmitters, the "anticipated" signal levels where you are and a list of 'potential' channels to be received. Use your actual address and the maximum height above ground level where you can mount an antenna: that website will automatically conceal your address for your security.

If you have a metal roof, metal siding or foil-backed insulation in your home, they may be blocking signals to your indoor antennas.

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