Neflix gets new releases this month

Here are the movies that have or will becoming out during this month of March.
An Then Came Lola, The Bad News Bears, Beethoven's 2nd, Below, The Blair Witch Project, Broke down Palace, Capote, Dirty Dancing , Dirty Pretty Things, Flyboys , Harsh Times, How to lose Friends & Alienate People, The Ice Storm, Kicking and Screaming, The Long, Hot Summer; Night of the Comet, Night of the Living Dead, A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge, On the Line, Over the Top , Rake (seasons 1 and 2) , Roman Holiday, Serpico, Shriek If you Know What I Did Last Friday 13th, The Silence of the Lambs, The Station Agent, Summer's Moon, Streamers, True Grit, The United States of Ireland, With a Friend Like Harry Valkyrie , Vanilla Sky, While You Were Sleeping, The Wood, ZMD: Zombie of Mas Destruction, Sweetwater, Spy Kids 3: Game Over, Uptown Girls, Star Wars: The Cloning Wars-entire series and feature film , American Dream.

I saw the Blair Witch Project a few years back at my friends house and that movie was weird. The reason why it was weird is because it is suppose to be based on a true story, these weird village people or witches killing people that come near their living quarters in the woods. It amazing the things that are both known and unknown in this world. Nothing amazes me anymore , there is a lot of evil in the world. I will not denounce God, so all that evil can bounce somewhere else because The LORD IS THE ONLY MAN FOR ME TO WORSHIP, NOTHING OR NO ONE ELSE. Dirty Dancing is one of my favorite movies. My mother had got me into watching Dirty Dancing because she like Patrick Swazlie. He was such a good actor, its a same and so sad that cancer is taking over the world. It is basically and literally taking everyone's life. If the The Wood is the same movie I saw, it's a another one of those weird movies. As far as I know it's no truth behind this movie. But it is about the people with special powers. They can move things with their mind and stuff like that. It's basically a mild case of Harry Potter but with out the magic sticks and flying on a broom. Same concept for magic though. Didn't really like the Freddy movie too much. Spy kid's is a cool movie for children and even adults . Its one of those family type movies to be exact. The lives of hero children , going on missions.
You can go online to google and put what new movies are coming out for Netflix this month or 2014. It should bring up a couple different choices and you're most certainly welcome. I am glad that I can be a help to you. Sometimes it is difficult searching for these answers on the internet . But it also depends on what type of information you're trying to find out.


The Station Agent and Roman Holiday are two of my favorite movies... I'm also looking forward to watching Star Wars the Clone Wars, which has some new episodes that were never even aired on TV!
I will have to check those two movies out. They sound quite interesting. Sometimes a person can tell the goodness of a movie through it's name and sometimes trying to assume bits a person right in the butt. Then the movie ends ups being a waste. But , I will take your word for and give both of those movies a chance. I am such a movie lover it is a shame. My favorable genres are practically some of each type of movie there is . I love romance, comedy, action , kind of horror, mystery, and so forth. Horror movies I have to watch with a contemplated mind or else it will start to get to me and then I start thinking stupid things. Next thing you know, I am having a silly dream about the things that are in the movie. It's really stupid to dream about the movie because of the scary feelings that those type of movies give a person. There are people out there that can watch any type of scary movie day or night and or by themselves, than everything will be alright. They walk around after the movie is over like they have not watch something terrifying. At the end of the day some of the movies are fake, while others are based on reality. I tend to endure the horror movies that are based on reality because it just phases me how crazy some people in the world are. For example take the movie wrong turn. Look at all the things that took place in the movie, deranged mutants killing people and eating their part. That is absolutely sickening , but in west Virginia there are insane individuals that actually exist like the people in that movie. It seems as if west Virginia has a lot of stories to tell. Take a look at Charles Manson and others of that sort. If I can remember he was too from that part of Virginia. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre was real and they never found that man. I believe those events took place in the early 60's. So, it is a chance he may or may not be alive. But then again I forgot how old he was when they found out about those events. The Night Stalker was based on a true story about a man who had multiple personalities. He was a serial killer going around mutilating people in California or that Lizzie story that comes on lifetime. Just absolutely absurd, but I can appreciate the fact that someone took the time out to educate the people through these movies, warning us of the world that we live in and letting us know who the people are that's causing all these tragedies. Romance is something I like because it shows the passion in each others heart, body , mind and soul. People finding their other half to spend their lives with. All the steamy action that is involved just puts a twinkle in my bones. Love is a subject that I try to stick by very well. Action of course has all the goodness. Combat fighting, car racing all so fascinating. It gets my body jumping and lively.


I will be looking at all the netflix streaming stuff. But right now we are kind of sticking to the same things like the kids have a particular show they are watching all the seasons that are available. But as far as the adults. We haven't really watched anything. Unless you count watching a movie last night called R.I.P.D. which I have to admit is extremely weird... But it was good too. But it was on Vudu not Netflix.