Neighborhood repairs and X1 upgrade - XFinity

Neighborhood repairs and X1 upgrade, XFinity-Comcast TV equipment. Hi, I've just joined because I think I may be asking for a lot of advice for a while. Here's our situation: All of our service was working perfectly until two weeks ago, when one evening, we started losing channels until almost every channel was either unwatchable with pixellation, or showing the "one moment please" box. A bit later, the cable modem went wacko, logging slews of error messages and continuously rebooting. By the time we went to bed, almost nothing was working. The next day, everything started working again once I unplugged all of the DVRs and the cable modem, left them unplugged for a few minutes, then plugged them in and let them reboot. Over the next couple of days, we realized that the service problems correlated with falling temperatures at night. We'd be watching a channel, and it would be fine, and then it would start showing a few errors, and over the span of just a few minutes the channel would go from pristine to unwatchable.

We called and got a tech to come out. When he showed up, he told us that repairs were being made in the neighborhood and that a box on a pole up the street from us was being changed, and he thought it might solve our problem. As it turned out, it made it somewhat better but didn't fix it.

Over the past week, there have been Comcast trucks going up and down the street almost continuously. Our symptoms have been changing. We had a tech out again yesterday. He replaced the connectors at the demarc box (also adding a MoCA filter), and a set of connectors at the pole. That fixed the night problem, and the downstream signal levels and SNRs at my cable modem improved. But some other symptoms have appeared this week. The tech told me that they had logged nine service calls on our street the day before, and that they had a "JB ticket" (?) open for repair work in the neighborhood. I saw three other Comcast trucks go by yesterday, including a bucket truck. Our street ends in a cul-de-sac so it's not like they were driving through to somewhere else.

Where we are right now: We've got five HD channels and one SD channel that we cannot receive at all. And the On Demand isn't working, on either DVR. When I try to look at signal levels on one of those channels using the diagnostic screens on one of the DVRs, it's all 'N/A'. Yesterday, the Internet, which had been working well, started misbehaving, and the problem is still present now. The behavior is that every 3-5 minutes, it completely quits working for 20 seconds or so. The signal levels at the cable modem look good, except for the upstream power which is on the high end (47-50 dBmV), but that is unchanged from when it was working -- I've always seen high upstream signal power levels on our service for some reason. The modem is not logging any errors, other than the occasional T3 timeout (about once per day). The tech told me that people all over the neighborhood are having trouble with channels unavailable. Three of the ones that are not working for a lot of people are the local Fox, ABC and public television affiliates.

They are upgrading to X1 service in the neighborhood. I received the shipment with the new DVRs yesterday. The tech who was out yesterday said it would be a good idea to wait a while before installing them; apparently other people in the neighborhood who have installed theirs are having a lot of problems. I was going to wait anyway until I get a new cable amp; my last one got hit by lightning (third time) and I've been using a jury-rig of passive splitters since May. (Until two weeks ago, it was all working without a problem.) I've ordered one of the PPC Evo amps.

Anyway, that's my story right now. The tech told us that Comcast will be offering rebates to people in the neighborhood on this month's bill because of the various problems. I'm not sure what my next move is -- I might try calling mid-next week to see if someone can give me a status of the work being done in the neighborhood. I figure this is not the sort of info the call center will have, but maybe if I ask for second level support, they can find out.