Neilsen Ratings show 500 Million fewer primetime viewers this weekend compared to


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compared to last weekend. Is this due to the digital transition? :behindsofa:

The all-important Nielsen ratings indicate only a slight decline. Compared with the previous weekend, about half a million fewer viewers were watching in prime time on Saturday and Sunday. The declines could be related to digital TV, or they could be more banal, a result of warmer weather or fewer high profile sports events on TV.


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That article really avoids pointing a finger at the digital transition for any drop in ratings, but the facts are

post transition: first weekend ratings have significantly dropped by a half billion

how can the New York Times note, "Nielsen ratings indicate only a slight decline". Sounds like an understatement, but whadoiknow.


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Or it could be Nielsen neglected to count the digital viewers again:dance:
There had to be a loss of viewers that got caught in the "Hidden" transition of station flash cutting back to VHF.

But I tend to also agree strongly with 1inxs about Nielsen lacking accuracy on many occasions.



Doubt it's related to the DTVT, but still, I don't get how these kinds of things can be inaccurate, isn't there a simple way to tell at a glance how many people are looking at one particular channel?