Neilson almost acknowledges cord cutting

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Good find! You should consider commenting to the article and recommend us for information on 'cord-cutting' and thus cutting the cable bill!

the article said:
the latest Nielsen data shows that there are now five million users who consume video -- but don't use a traditional cable connection to do it. That number is up from 2 million in 2007,
Geez, I don't recall the population of the U.S. going up that fast at all. Seems like a trend to me! And a cable connection is "traditional" TV -- gag me with a spoon. :sick:


Jim- I posted a reply mentioning this site, so hopefully we see some new visitors.

One of the comments was from a guy who has recently been a Nielsen household....

"I participated in the Nielsen survey a few weeks ago. In the pre-survey call, I told them I had cancelled cable last year and hadn't turned on the TV for 6 months. They said they didn't care, just so long as the TV works and that it can receive programming, either OTA or cable or dish.

During the week of the survey, they called to see if I had any questions. I asked how I should document watching Internet streaming video. They said to not count it.

I reported "NO VIEWING" on all of the days of the survey.

So, no, Nielsen does not count OTA viewers as zero; OTA viewers and what they watch are counted. However, they count streaming video viewers as zero, at least for the TV survey."

One thing I wondered was with so many people ditching their land line phones, how does Nielsen find people to call.