Neo Geo coming back as a handheld gaming system


Don't know if anyone here ever played on a Neo Geo back in the 90's, but it was one of the most expensive gaming systems made back then. It was awesome in the sense that games were a lot like arcade games.

So, was excited to see this article on Yahoo today,

One of the priciest consoles in video game history is getting a reboot...and it's still kinda pricy.
Releasing December 6, the Neo Geo X Gold Entertainment System is a handheld that plays classic Neo Geo arcade games. In addition to the handheld itself (which boasts a 4.3-inch LCD screen), it comes packaged with a standard-sized joystick controller, a dock that connects the handheld to your TV, and 20 pre-loaded Neo Geo games.
And it can be yours for only $200. Wait, really? Doesn't that seem a little steep for a system that only plays games that are roughly two decades old? Maybe when you compare it to a new Nintendo 3DS (retail price: $170), but not when you compare it to the original Neo Geo home console.
The Neo Geo returns this holiday | Games Blog - Yahoo! Games


Nice but I think the days of hand held gaming systems are long gone. Most games I play now work on my iPhone.
Handheld's these days have much better battery life and tons of more game content than phones. I do like Angry Birds and a few other games on my Android phone but they're nothing compared to games on the Playstation Vita like Gravity Rush.


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Even on my PSP 3000, the game play and graphics are far better than anything I've played on any phone.