Question: Netflix Canada, programs?


Hey y'all I am in Canada and though I am using my account that I set up while in Virginia my program options tend to suck or not be available to stream. Has anyone been able to get around this or should I be looking into something more "Canada" friendly?
Thank you!


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Wow, so even with your US account, your access to programs is limited in Canada? I think there's a work around for it though.
I am surprised that you are limited on the content and what you have access to. It is a US account so I would have thought it would have worked anywhere that you had access to the network. Hummm..... have you contacted customer service to see if there is an easy fix to the issue? If there isn't then you might want to look around at what other options might be available for you.


From what I understand Netflix has to purchase the rights to each of the shows/movies separately per country but my DD said that her friend who lives a mile away has better Netflix than I do so I am thinking there must be a way around it. Just not sure how, or if it would be legal. I know our content is different because I wasn't able to get shows that I could in Va and I had friends from NC look at their selections and they had them. Frustrating!
That is a good point Lily, I had not thought of that. But it could have something to do with what Canada has available for connecting to Netflix and so forth. I guess just because Netflix had an option does not mean everyone can access it from anywhere.