Netflix doesn't show all genres on all devices - censorship or laziness?


I have a Nook, and I like watching Netflix on it in bed since it's much lighter than my computer. But something that consistently annoys me is that the experience is not consistent across devices (even though it's running Android, my Nook runs a special version of Netflix from B&N's store that is not updated as frequently as the app in the Google Play store.)

The genres you can browse on the Nook are different than on the Netflix website, and these are different still from the Roku. For example, the Nook app does not include the genres: Classics, Cult Movies, Faith and Spirituality, Gay and Lesbian, Music, Musicals, or Sports Movies.

It still allows you to find the movies in the other broad categories - like comedy or drama - see "my list," and search for the movies by name. All the devices also show those really specialized categories based on what you watch - but again, it seems to be inconsistent across devices. But it's just very frustrating to not have access to the same categories on my Nook that I can view from the website. Also, the categories they've chosen to leave out seem suspicious to me (or at least my conspiracy theorist side). One in particular is frustrating because it's the category (besides TV shows) I want to view most frequently.
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On my Roku, Genres keep changing. And there's some categories that are always there, even though I never watch that type of content. Seriously, I don't watch gay and lesbian or Bollywood movies - why can't I make them go away?


Speaking of making something go away...Dish allowed me to hid porn channels. Directv did not. That annoyed me when scrolling through the channels. Netflix seems to remember things I happen to click on to investigate.


I agree they need more customization. Frankly, 95% of the time I pick something from "My List" ... or from "Recently Watched" for TV series that I'm currently working on ... and I only browse the newly added titles to see if there's anything I want to see, then add it to "My List" until I watch it. I rarely/never pick anything just because I saw it on one of those super-obscure categories. And I almost always browse from the website because of these limitations.
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