Netflix DVD releases for Aug 5th


We have a small "dam release" of DVDs on Netflix. Grab your kayak and ride some discs. Red envelope in your mail box. if you can't wait.

Bicycling with Molière A TV celebrity faces an uphill battle as he tries to persuade his old pal, once-famous actor Serge Tanneur, to take on the lead in a Moliere play, no easy task considering the reclusive Serge has given up acting and burns every script he receives.
Ping Pong Summer It's 1985, and 13-year-old Rad is a quirky kid obsessed with two things: ping-pong and hip-hop. But thanks to a life-changing summer vacation, he also fends off bullies, makes unexpected allies and develops his first real crush.
God's Not Dead When college student Josh Wheaton encounters an atheistic philosophy teacher who insists that his students will only pass by admitting that God is dead, Josh dedicates himself to proving the professor wrong about God.
I'll Follow You Down After brilliant scientist Gabe vanishes into thin air on a business trip, his wife and son struggle to come to grips with his disappearance. Twelve years later, they learn that Gabe was working on a device that may be the means of bringing him back.
Divergent Born into a civilization in the distant future, Beatrice is a teenager who learns that her unique cognitive skills make her useful to the authorities. Over time she discovers that she's a Divergent, and thus slated for elimination by the government.