Netflix DVD releases for Jan 7th


Fast & Furious 6 Street racer Dominic Toretto and his crew again call on their mad driving skills for a big heist that sends them zooming through European streets. If a traitor in their midst doesn't slam the brakes on their plan, federal agent Luke Hobbs just might.

Despicable Me 2 Arch-villain Gru and his three orphan girls return for more shady exploits in this wacky animated feature voiced by some of Hollywood's biggest stars. The story features new and eccentric characters and a plot to abduct Gru's team of minions.

I'm So Excited When a flight bound for Mexico City runs into trouble, the frightened passengers aboard start sharing their deepest secrets to distract themselves from impending doom -- with hilarious results.

Thanks for Sharing While making his way through a support group for sex addicts, Adam dips his toe in the dating pool to embrace a meaningful relationship. But the woman he's attracted to has sworn off addicts altogether.

The Ultimate Life Blessed with the treasures that came to him in The Ultimate Gift, Jason Stevens inherits family conflicts and copes with his wife's extended trip abroad. Once again Jason must rethink his life values, and his grandfather's journals provide a path.

We Are What We Are Following a family tragedy, two teenage sisters are forced by their domineering father to keep their cannibalistic clan's macabre traditions alive by finding -- and killing -- dinner. Meanwhile, local authorities begin to close in on them.

Big Ass Spider! Alex is a lonely bug exterminator whose trying day begins with a bite from a venomous brown recluse spider, and gets worse from there. The same day, a 50-foot mutant spider begins an assault on Los Angeles -- and it's Alex's job to stop it.

Inequality for All Discussing numerous issues in clear and accessible language, former U.S. labor secretary and current UC Berkeley professor Robert Reich makes a compelling case about the serious crisis the U.S. faces due to the widening economic gap.

The Act of Killing This unique documentary recalls the bloody era in Indonesia when pro-government death squads slaughtered more than a million suspected Communists. Now in positions of power, two ex-squad leaders gleefully reenact their atrocities for the filmmakers.

Linsanity Director Evan Jackson Leong profiles his longtime friend, Jeremy Lin, in this engrossing examination of the star basketball player's humble beginnings, college days at Harvard, religious beliefs and high-scoring 2012 season with the New York Knicks.