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Netflix is the leading provider of online streaming of television shows and movies. With access to over 28,000 titles, subscribers are able to watch on many different types of devices including a computer, smartphone, television set (with internet connectivity) and many other devices.

Netflix is currently offering a free one month trial for anyone in the US or Canada. A credit card will be required to complete the free trial sign up, but will not be charged until after the 1 month free trial has ended.

Details on how to sign up:

1. Go to

2. Provide the appropriate details (email address and password for login)

3. Enter a form of payment (At this time, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and Paypal are accepted). Then click on the "Start Membership" button.

4. Begin watching Netflix on your PC or Netflix compatible device

Additional Notes: Once you've begun your free Netflix trial, you must manually cancel the subscription before the end of the one month trial. Netflix will automatically begin billing your credit card (or chosen billing method) on a monthly basis if cancellation has not been done before the one month deadline.

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