Netflix gets exclusive rights to Hunger Games in the UK, or does it?

Announcements have been made in relation to Netflix obtaining exclusive rights to stream The Hunger Games in Ireland and the UK, and well, it seems Netflix might have spoke too soon again.

A recent "foot-in-mouth" happened when Netflix announced Arrested Development as a "non-repeatable" event, suggesting no additional seasons will be aired on Netflix following the upcoming season, which turned out to be inaccurate.

Apparently, The Hunger Games has been streaming on the UK video on demand provider since the beginning of September in 2012, on a pay-per-view basis. A formal response to the "exclusivity" claim made by Netflix was issued by Blinkbox CEO Michael Comish.

It seems that the streaming providers are claiming exclusivity when they are the first to offer titles as part of a subscription service. A similar claim was made by Amazon involving their exclusive deal with Scripps, suggesting that it's Scripps' first "online-only" deal. What they really meant, as it turns out, is that it is the first time that Scripps content is to be given to subscribers of a video on demand service, leaving out the al-a-carte streaming done prior.

In Blinkbox's comical response to Netflix, Comish stated: "We read in your press release today that you are 'thrilled' that Netflix is now the 'exclusive online home' for The Hunger Games in the UK and Ireland. Actually, our customers in the U.K. (on planet Earth) have been able to enjoy The Hunger Games since 3rd September 2012 and continue to do so. All without the need for a subscription. Now that's thrilling."

At any rate, exclusive or not, The Hunger Games is available on Netflix starting in the UK and Ireland beginning March 3rd, with the release in the US to follow.

This offering from Netflix is fresh on the heels on the announcement made in February regarding DreamWorks Animation's Turbo F.A.S.T. (Fast Action Stunt Team), a TV show aimed at children, that is exclusive and original to Netflix (or so it has been claimed thus far).