Netflix Just for Kids

I know the Netflix for kids option has been out for a few months now, but can I just say how much I love it?! My almost-4-year-old earns TV-time with her good behavior (and loses TV time for bad behavior.) With Netflix kids, I can let her choose what she wants to watch during her reward time without (too much) worrying. Naturally, she is supervised during this time (we generally max out around 30 minutes- long enough for Mommy to fix dinner after work!), and naturally, we prefer educational children's programming, but I have been impressed with the selection on Netflix kids so far. Shows like Justin Time, Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, and Caillou are great toddler shows. While they are not strictly educational, they teach important life skills like sharing with others, minding adults, safety, and expressing emotions appropriately. Also, Netflix just for Kids has a good selection of Leapfrog programming, which is entertaining for her while also teaching colors, shapes, numbers, letters, counting, and beginning math! She loves that she can use our WiiU touchpad herself to select her favorite show. Another kid friendly feature is the character selection. The top scroll bar on Netflix Kids is simply easily-recognizable images of characters, making it easy for littles to demonstrate their independence (under supervision, of course!) As a parent, I have to give Netflix Just for Kids two thumbs up for taking some of the worry out of TV time!


I totally agree! I love the netflix for kids. The only problem I have is I will set my kids down to watch something and when I tell my daughter its time to turn it off she just loses it! She will cry like its the end of the world! So now, I have made it she only watches tv twice a week for about 1 hr. (Right now that is her punishment basically) The rest of the week when she is not watching tv she helps me with the cleaning and what not of the house. My son on the other hand is actually very good when it comes to actually have the tv shut off. He just goes to play for a little bit.
That sounds eerily close to a night in my house! My daughter has a meltdown when TV time is over (which is one of the reasons it's limited to begin with) but she is starting to learn that fits like that don't help her cause out any! If she calmly and politely asks me to let her finish a movie, episode, etc., I will usually extend TV time to accomodate her, but fits just get you sent to time out or the chore bucket!