Netflix launches own awards show on web, dubbed 'The Flixies'

Awards shows are extremely popular and they are exciting for consumers and viewers when they are able to cast a vote and have a hand in who or what wins an award. So much so are these events popular that Google is flooded with queries such as "When do the Oscars start?" or "When are the Academy Awards on?" and so on.

Well, now, there is a new rewards "show" on the scene, one with unique categories, brought forward by Netflix, called the Flixies. So, next year, as the show gains momentum, new questions will surface that will spike the Google Trends including: "When can I vote for the Flixies?".

The Flixies gives TV watchers an opportunity to honor their favorite streaming content in unique ways, all based on the different TV watching habits in today's world. For example, some of the categories include: Best Hangover Cure, Best Bromance, Best Tantrum Tamer (aimed at the many parents who use TV as a babysitter), Best Guilty Pleasure, and others just as unique.

Starting just a couple days following the 84th Academy Awards show, The Flixies is open for voting until 5pm PST on Sunday, March 10th, by both Netflix subscribers and non-subscribers alike. Naturally, voting will only be open to the 40 countries that Netflix currently serves their streaming content to.

Winners (top 3 for each category) will be announced on March 11th, and more than just a request to the public to vote anytime and often, Netflix is asking for suggestions for categories that they could use for round 2 of the Flixies for next year.

To vote, you simply pick a category - here's the full list: Best Tantrum Tamer, Best Hangover Cure, Best Bromance, Best Commute Shrtner (deliberately misspelled), Best Guilty Pleasure, Best TV Marathon, and Best PMS Drama. Then from the list of titles (represented by their box covers), choose as many as you feel deserve recognition in that category. Lastly, and optionally, Facebook "recommend" the title to your online friends.

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