Netflix Outage Today

Netflix is reporting an outage for some users of its streaming TV service. The announcement came from Netflix's @NetflixHelps and was tweeted around 4:30PM MST.

View attachment 2438 The outage is apparently affecting users on smartphones, tablets, and the Netflix website.

2nd Netflix Outage This Month

We reported earlier in June that Netflix had experienced an outage affecting all accounts for approximately 2 hours.

Today's outage is standing at more than 3 hours. Although the NetflixHelps account has been tweeting directly to subscribers through Twitter about engineers working on the problem, there doesn't seem to be any additional information at this time about when the streaming TV service will be back online.

Update: 7:44PM: Netflix is still down. Some users on twitter are reporting that they are able to access the streaming TV service through the Xbox 360, but aren't able to login through other devices.

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