Netflix Reshuffles To Better Fit Mobile Devices

As a part of the ongoing upgrades to stay competitive in their market, the on-demand video streaming media provider, Netflix, has released a new upgrade for their iPhone application. The changes make the graphic user interface more visually congruent with the ongoing changes to the browser.

Unlike the versions of their service which are accessed through the larger screens of computers, iPhone users need a more compressed version without limiting the number of actual functions that the application is able to perform. The new version of the application has more segregated controls for playback, which makes the more user friendly. It also has more accessible controls, now found on the scrub bar at the bottom, for adjusting settings like turning on subtitle tracks or adjusting audio and colour settings. The application gives viewers handy options for things like rewinding ten second of video play, that they can access right on the main screen, without stopping the video to locate it.

These updates apply to the versions of Netflix that are used on the iPad, iPhone, and the iPod Touch. They have integrated their application's functions with the device hardware, allowing users to launch full screen mode simply by double tapping the screen. The design is now more streamlined for use on the smaller screens, both for functionality and aesthetic value.

There are also more, behind the scenes changes, that show adaptively toward a more mobile-oriented market. Users have the option of restricting the streaming of movies to only when they've successfully connected to a WiFi network. Steaming is still possible without the WiFi network, but the movie will generally take an excessive amount of time to buffer, lowering the quality to such a point as to render it an unappealing prospect to most consumers. With the safe guard setting in place, they will no longer accidentally eat into their data plan by unthinkingly clicking on an interesting video clip. With this new bid in Netflix's goal of winning the hearts of viewers, consumer approval ratings are on the rise.

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