Netflix Revenue almost as much as HBO

Thomas G

In wonder how long until we see Netflix and HBO merge in some fashion? If anything, that would give Netflix the access to fresh content that they are always looking for, and could be a good way for HBO to continue to expand their viewership... even if they added some type of premium add-on to Netflix, it might be beneficial to each company.
Keep in mind that HBO has 114 million subscribers worldwide, while Netflix had only 44 million members, worldwide, at the end of 2013.
Yes, i know. My point is that HBO have a lot more money available to create premium content.

To Netflix this is going to be a uphill battle, but i hope Netflix can become HBO, faster than HBO can become Netflix.

In the end, for cort cutters, the best scenario is both surviving and keep competing.



It may just be my taste in programs but I have a hard time finding a lot to watch on HBO. I had all their channels for a couple of months are only watched one movie. I prefer netflix for finding the unusual, indie or old program.


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I agree. I have HBO and almost never watch it. I probably couldn't do without Netflix.
Isn't that a really cost inefficient thing to do?

A few years ago HBO attempted to syndicate "Curb Your Enthusiasm" and "Entourage", and they ended up pulling them due to really low ratings. That simply tells me that their "award winning" programming just really doesn't have that much mass appeal. I attempted to watch both. "Curb Your Enthusiasm" is just stupid, and "Entourage" would work better in a VOD environment where you could watch the episodes in order.