Netflix Streaming Customers Dropping Pay-TV at Double Last Year's Rate


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Netflix streaming subscribers are cutting the cord at an accelerating rate, a recent poll found.

According to The Diffusion Group, Netflix customers who stream their content through their Web devices are more than twice as likely to drop at least some of their pay TV services.

The market strategy firm polled a random sample of adult broadband customers who also subscribe to cable, satellite or telco TV services in March and found that, of the respondents who watch Netflix streaming content, 32 percent are likely to at least downgrade their pay TV services -- an 100 percent increase over the 16 percent who were likely to do when the same survey was conducted last year...

...The continuing bleak economy is also contributing to viewers' tendency to abandon pay TV. Of those Netflix streamers who say that they're likely to downgrade their pay TV services in the next six months, nearly half cited "cost of service" and "need to save money" as a reason for doing so, compared to 34 percent who cite their increasing consumption of video via the web.
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Most would at least drop a movie channel, I think. It's about $13 a month for most movie channels, and netflix is a much better deal than that.