Netflix To Add "Clone Wars" To Streaming Lineup On Friday

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The acquisition of the Star Wars properties by Disney is leading to a lot of changes in the geek world. A new trilogy is coming out, there are several new TV shows on the horizon, and some content is getting cancelled. That was the case with Clone Wars, the animated Cartoon Network series that brought a lot of people back to having faith in the direction that Star Wars is taking. Unfortunately, it was also cancelled with 13 episodes still in the can, leaving many wondering just what was going to happen next.

The Disney Changes

The cancellation was part of the changes that Disney is making to the plan that Lucasfilm had in place for Star Wars. There were rumors of the acquisition for almost a year before it was officially announced. Alongside the announcement was a post titled “A New Direction for Lucasfilm Animation.” That had a lot of fans wondering what was going to happen. The sitcom style show from Seth Green is finally getting a release date? Another show? When they found out that one of the changes was the cancellation, they were furious.

The message was vague, saying that they were canceling it on Cartoon Network, but were still working on new story arcs. The strange part of it all was that it ended in the middle of a storyline, without people knowing what the fate of the characters would be. The show was only licensed for five seasons, but fans assumed that surely they would be wrapping things up!

That still leaves Detours without a home. Seth Green, Todd Grimes, and Matthew Senreich, the same people that brought the world Robot Chicken and its Star Wars themed specials, are hard at work on this comedy cartoon, but it was said to be on hold until “a later date.” The official statement is that it was created before they had made a decision on creating a new trilogy, and now they are wary of releasing a comedy series before the final set of movies are released. Green said they had been working on many episodes already, which makes you wonder what they are going to do with them until then.

For at least one show, there is still hope.

New Life On Netflix

Netflix has come to the call once again. They brought back Arrested Development and are rumored to be working on a number of fan driven shows, but the Clone Wars is their latest offering. On Friday, they will be adding all five seasons that originally aired, in addition to the “Lost Missions,” the 13 unaired episodes that people hoped would tidy up the story lines that were left hanging when it was cancelled and caused many to protest the move, calling for their release if not another season altogether.

Netflix has also negotiated a deal with Disney to release several new exclusive series’ that will focus on Marvel characters that Disney owns. They’re making moves to bring out a wide array of new shows, so it stands to reason that they might potentially pick up Clone Wars and start producing seasons of their own depending on how well the already aired episodes are received.

The Lost Missions

The Lost Missions, the final season of the show for now, is an interesting release. Clone Wars has always balanced dark elements nicely, but this final season is said to shed light on some of the darker aspects of territory that was explored in the prequel trilogy. One of the problems with Clone Wars has always been that it can be in danger of throwing of the series of events that have already been established in movies. Part of the concern that Disney has while producing a new trilogy is that there is already a wealth of information out there in the form of the expanded universe in books and games. Anything that they do will have to either fall into line with that, or else replace it and find a way to explain it later. Clone Wars is still treading the center line and trying to avoid making major changes, while still telling a new story about old events that everyone is familiar with.

Part of the season is going to focus on the original commissioning of clones by Jedi Sifo-Dyas, while Yoda tries to find out the nature of the threat they are facing from the Sith. That includes going into shamanic states and navigating the past present and future in search of answers. Not to mention a trip to the ancient world that is practically made of the Force and said to hold the secrets of immortality, something that is important hearing from a certain dead, famous Jedi that the audience will know from the prequels, while stopping off at a Sith planet in the season finale. That is heavy even for Star Wars.

On the whole, though, the final season is going to do something very important: wrap up the lead up to the original trilogy. The prequels were a let down for a lot of people, but those same people have been happy with Clone Wars. It is stripped down and doesn’t go over the top, while still filling in holes and answering questions that people had. The original trilogy was filled with myth and legend and the Clone Wars series makes sure you understand all of it. Knowing how we got to the sad state the Jedi were in is just as important as knowing where they are going.

The Future Of Star Wars And Netflix

This is just the beginning of Star Wars on Netflix. March 7 marks the launch of Clone Wars, but in the coming years there will be a lot more in the pipeline. They are negotiating a great relationship with Disney, meaning they will have access to a large amount of content that no one else will have. Once the movies of the final trilogy start coming out, Netflix is expected to be their home after the theatrical run. With Netflix’s attempts to bring movies that are still in theaters, it might also offer more interesting options for a big name series like this. Starting in 2016, Netflix will also be the exclusive home for first-run animated and live action movies and series that come out from Marvel, Pixar, and Lucasfilm. It is certainly going to be an exciting time. Until then, get ready to binge watch six seasons of Clone Wars and find out answers to questions you’ve always had about the Star Wars universe and what it means to be good and evil.


I agree wholeheartedly with that guy^, pun and all. If there's something this world needs, it's more Star Wars. I love when good nerdy shows are brought to Netflix because I know that nerd-dom is being spread further

Especially with that last paragraph:
"This is just the beginning of Star Wars on Netflix," and
"Netflix will also be the exclusive home for first-run animated and live action movies and series that come out from Marvel, Pixar, and Lucasfilm."

I need to start stockpiling canned goods. Paradise is coming.