Netflix to Expand Pressures on U.S. Cable TV Systems

For years Netflix has had an open offer with some of the top cable systems in an effort to increase the ability for consumers to include Netflix services as part of their monthly usage on their cable programming. Unfortunately, the cable companies have yet to follow suit with the plans or the proposals from Netflix and as a result, consumers must either: watch Netflix on a smart television that has the app installed, use a computer, table or other device to watch, use a web box such as Tivo or similar digital video recorder that supports Netflix or purchase a streaming media box.

Netflix is interested in forging major relationships with the U.S. cable systems to provide the service via set-top cable television boxes to offer consumers a seamless integration of the Netflix service along with their existing cable connection. Newer set-top cable boxes have the capacity to include internet based television programming along with traditional programming which leaves plenty of opportunity for Netflix expansion—if only the cable companies would follow suit and forge a potentially profitable relationship.

What are they worried about? Netflix doesn’t offer everything that we can get from cable! You can’t watch local news, immediate programming, and the most current on-demand movies on Netflix so what’s the big deal with the cable companies not wanting to offer this as an added inclusion? After all, many cable subscribers are subscribed to Netflix already anyway. And, European cable companies get the drift, two of them have already signed contracts allowing Netflix streaming capabilities to be integrated into their set-top boxes.

Cable companies are faced with a challenge: do they view Netflix as a potential partner in crime or is Netflix their number 1 competitor in the television programming and streaming market? As more and more consumers turn to laptops, handheld devices, tablets and other means of watching Netflix or similar nearly-free programming services, cable companies have fewer options and are forced to lower prices to attract customers back, offer better deals to new customers or otherwise lose out. Could Netflix be the next big push to move cable companies out of the picture, or could it be the next big partnership that these companies need to provide their customers with a value-added service that really stands out?

While it would seem that cable companies are definitely on the fence with this one, there are some potential benefits to providing an all-in-one cable set-top box to consumers: no more need for multiple units, an ease of access between one viewing method (Cable) and another (Netflix) and the ability to provide what consumers are looking for which is affordable programming could work in the benefit of the cable providers—if they would just jump on board.

On another note, as more consumers are forced to purchase smart televisions and other devices to watch streaming via Netflix or other streams for that matter such as Hulu or Vudu, cable companies should be on the lookout for the potential of their own set-top boxes eventually being termed “obsolete” and even phased out of the television streaming playing field.

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