Netflix's exclusive 'Arrested Development' to get one season only

cheduled for May this year, a 14-episode new season of Arrested Development, a 2003-born sitcom starring Jason Bateman with its previous seasons on FOX, is to air exclusively on Netflix, and much like the popular House of Cards, will be a binge-release (all episodes will be available at one time), but Netflix is not going to be airing future seasons.

The exclusive series of Arrested Development falls in a different category than other high-quality original content by Netflix in that it is not a new series, but a continuation of a series that has already been on air for some time. Besides the most watched House of Cards, new exclusives for TV expected by Netflix include Jenji Kohan's (previously Weeds) Orange is the New Black, Eli Roth's Hemlock Grove, as well as the Dreamworks childrens show Turbo: F.A.S.T, so there is more original content to fill the gap.

Netflix isn't the only streaming on-demand provider airing originals and exclusives. Amazon Prime Instant Video and other popular services are working out deals as well, some deals that Netflix wasn't able to work out fell in the hands of Amazon Instant Video. 2013 may mark as a challenging year for Netflix with more big players coming into the picture. But, in the end, it might not be a competition because consumers are expressing their desire to subscribe to multiple services to get in on all of the original content. Even at around $30/month you can get the growing libraries of three popular streaming services ripe with exclusive material.

A Netflix representative tells the Wall Street Journal, of Arrested Development, that it is "extremely difficult to get the cast together," and Netflix calls it a "non-repeatable" event. In contrast, it seems there was better luck getting Kevin Spacey and everyone together, as their is anticipation that House of Cards will return for at least one more batch of episodes.