Netflix's New Season Of Original Programming Is Incredible

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Netflix has taken over when it comes to original programming. The amount of research they put into suggesting movies and shows to subscribers has been used to formulate shows that go above and beyond most of what is on broadcast television these days. Shows like House of Cards and Orange Is The New Black have drawn a lot of attention in the past year, and the return of House of Cards, with The New Black coming in June, there is a lot of excitement about their original programming this year.

Binge watching is one of the big advantages of Netflix. Long marathons of catching up on shows is the wave of the future. Why not produce content that is both original and capable of being watched in a long stretch? By releasing entire seasons of their shows on a single day, Netflix has potentially changed the way we look at television.

House of Cards
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House of Cards stands out as the first streaming only show that has won major awards for television. The Golden Globes showed just how much power Netflix has now. Who doesn’t love Kevin Spacey? Have you ever seen Se7en? Fight Club? The Social Network? The same director has done several of the episodes. Washington might not work the way a lot of people would like right now, but Kevin Spacey plays a congressman that makes it work the way he wants, when he wants it. Robin Wright and Kate Mara round out the central cast of this wonderfully written, riveting, and hopefully long running drama.

Netflix released the entire second season on Valentine’s Day this year, which might have ruined plans that many had. Catch up now and wait with the rest of us for the third season to come out next year.

Orange Is The New Black
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Jenji Kohan, the creator of the Showtime show Weeds is back with Orange Is The New Black. The show is loosely based on a memoir by Piper Kerman, who went to prison for her part in drug trafficking with her former girlfriend. If you were a fan of Weeds, this is a show for you. The dark comedy, or dramedy if you will, is what you come to expect from Kohan and it won’t disappoint.

The newest season of Orange Is The New Black will premier on June 6, making it a day to mark down for a marathon session of 13 new episodes. The reception of the first season was so good that it was renewed for this season as soon as it was available, which means a third season might be soon to follow.

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Lilyhammer is one that hasn’t gotten a lot of attention, but has Netflix’s full support. Bruce Springsteen guitarist and Sopranos star Steven Van Zandt stars as a former underboss of an Italian Mafia family in New york. After joining the witness protection agency he moves to Norway and tries to somehow adapt to life there.

The newest season started shooting last month, so it will still be several months before it premiers, but it’s one to look out for.

What’s New?

Those aren’t the only shows, though. They are the major returning options, but Netflix has also ordered a series of shows from different Marvel superheroes along with an exclusive season of the animated Star Wars show The Clone Wars. They’ve also stepped into the realm of documentaries and stand up comedy specials with things like The Square, Doug Stanhope: Beer Hall Putsch, Mitt, and much more.

Stay tuned in the coming months. It is going to be a great time to be a Netflix subscriber and the future is only going to bring even more great original programming.
Netflix is neat. I'm signing up for it right after this post. I've had it before and was quite pleased. I really like the Marvel heroes they're a good variety of super heroes. I enjoyed the Marvel The Avengers movie that came out last year.


Why doesn't Netflix pick up 2 great series that were under-publicized and under- promoted: Boss and Rubicon?

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