Netgear C7000 firmware update - (Bring your own modem) - Time Warner Internet

This question is about "Netgear C7000 firmware update - (Bring your own modem)", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. I bought this modem and activated it. It has old firmware on it, version V1.01.15 and the latest available according to Netgear is V1.01.23. When I call support, they are "dumb" and don't know how to push this update to my modem. Spectrum Support keeps telling me that firmware updates are pushed out automatically. This is NOT true of "Bring your own" modems. Netgear doesn't provide the firmware, and told me that Spectrum has to push the update to my modem.

Spectrum needs to also tell their support reps, that initiating a "reboot" of my modem, will not push an update to it. There is more on that side to do. I had a modem updated in the past through Time Warner, but now Spectrum support seems like they don't know how to do this! Am I the only one calling in with a "bring your own" modem, that needs firmware update?

Who can I talk to directly about this issue and getting the update pushed to my modem?

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