Never been kissed singer


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Don't you think the media is being rather cruel to keep emphasizing the "never been kissed" of that poor woman from last week? She has an absolutely breathtaking voice which is what should count but all the press keeps stressing is she's a spinster and never even been kissed or had a boyfriend. It seems so mean.


I have to agree with you. I don't get why they keep putting focus on the fact that she has never been kissed. She is also older and they said that she won't go threw a makeover because they don't want to change her right now. If you ask me, she probably would love the makeover.


DTVUSA Jr. Member
Yeah. Even I find that cruel. Oh well. Media's always after attention and not just giving news. No wonder they would always stress out that she's never been kissed, makes the story interesting to know about which in turn would benefit them. Just a thought though.
I love susan boyle's voice. She is absolutely amazing...and yes it's unfair for them to keep emphasizing that she's never been kissed but oh well. This will get her in the lime light and maybe things will change and I think that she would absolutely LOVE a makeover.

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