never received coupons

Jason Fritz

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I check the status and it said my coupons were sent out on 11/17 have not received them what do I do about it.
They should have arrived by now. What type of mail box do you have? Do you share it with anyone else?

It sounds like you need to talk to your postal department about someone tampering with your mail, but first, I would confirm that no one else that you know could have accidently grabbed the coupons or thrown them out.

Jason Fritz

Staff member
I'd start with contacting your local post office by phone. You'll probably want to give them details about ordering the dtv coupons, getting a confirmed mail date from the government (which you confirmed at the link:, and any other information they may ask of you. Be as descriptive as possible.

Next, contact the Government Agency in charge of the TV converter box coupon program (NTIA) at: ...They have an option you can select when sending an email labled, "My Coupons Never Arrived, Can I get New One's?".

If anyone else has some advice or experience with undelivered dtv coupons, please post a reply.
Never received coupons, said sent out 11/17/08....

I have not yet received coupons and a neighbor has not received his yet and he ordered before I did. We ordered online. I ordered in November. its now Dec 19...arggggh And by the way...mine is a post office box with key. His address is key lock multi-home box on street. What is up with this. Someone at the gov or post office ripping these off???
hello, my question is just the same as jay I never received my coupons either and I can't get a stright answer, I need help in finding out how to get them to seed me the coupons, I have done everything that was required of me to do Leon


It's a Scam, 4 different orders to 4 locations, 0 received

Personally I think the coupon program is a scam.
I ordered two coupons for myself and two for an elderly friend to be sent directly to him in an adjacent town and none were ever received.

Last month I ordered more to be sent to my father home and to my brother’s home and they too have also never been received.

When inquiring about the status, the first two sets they say have expired and the second two sets they say were sent.

Out of four orders to different locations, Zero was received.
That’s a scam.


Is FEMA running this?

I applied back in March for my coupons,still haven't recieved one.They denied me at first because I have a PO box,I appealed but never heard anything.Found out that my coupon has expired but I never recieved it.I can't believe they gave the contract for this to IBM and they managed to screw it up.It seems more like FEMA is doing this.I am retired and can't really afford to spend the money that it cost to get a convertor for TV sets that I have had for a while.I didn't ask for this to happen,but the government is shoving this down our throats without thinking things thru again.Now it seems that there is nothing I can do to get my coupons.
I haven't heard of anyone that actually received these coupons yet. I don't thin that they are a scam per say but then again if everyone seems to be having so much trouble...I don't know.
Never received coupons

I have never received my coupons either. They were suppose to go out the end of November 2008. I live in an apartment complex with a central mail box area. As far as I know I have the only key. I tried reapplying and was told I couldn't. :mad:

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