Never received the $200 Visa for signing back up - DirecTV

The whole reason we came back to DirecTv is because the person on the phone assured us that we would get the $200 Visa card. When I log into the account and check the Reward Center it tells me this:
Status Inquiry
Offer Information
Offer Number: 361-304
Offer Description: $200 Visa Prepaid

Status Information
Current Reward Status: Non-compliance Determined
9/13/2016 9/13/2016

Non-compliance Information
Date Mailed Resubmit By Status Detail
N/A Limit one rebate submission per account number

We called after waiting weeks to get the card and the person ont hephone again assured us that the Reward center would be updated and we would get the card. It's been 2 weeks and no update, card still listed as non-compliant.

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I applied 9/26 approved 9/27 now 11/16 card still not mailed customer service horrible..att brought the company down, I filed ftc and fcc complaint