never recieved cupons


I mailed in order form in september of 2008. Included was email address. i never recieved cupons or email saying they were out of funds. tried to order on the phone number but only got too busy responce and hung up on. and once got address not reconized. now after all this time i went on line to order cupons to also get address not reconized. i lived at same place 20years as of november 2008. and after certifying address it says they have no more cupons or funds. I cant belive that the gov forces us to convert and then cant even handle a simple act of sending out a cupon after being submitted over 5 months ago. :mad:

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I ordered my coupons in May and never received them either. I called customer service only to be told that by law there are no re-issues allowed and was told to call my U.S. Senator and complain to him about it.
I ordered 2 coupons in September. When will they be sent to me? I called the phone # and was given a ref # who do I contact to get my coupons. The coupons should be send by mail to be signed for, to insure proper person is recieving. What do I do now and when will I get the coupons before
Feb ?? I would Like some response.
Thank You Pat

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