New 4k set up question - DirecTV

i had dtv come out and install upgraded equipment for 4k ready of now i only have one 4k ready tv set up in the living room....the other 2 rooms are not 4k ready tv question install Genie Gen 3 in bedroom 1 ,4K Genie Mini in bedroom 2, 4K Genie Mini in the main living room thats has a 4k tv
2.why is the Genie Gen 3 in the beedroom....shoudent that be in the main living room?...the reason im asking is i have a wired Ethernet cable set up there from my old genie 2 in the living room.....the room with Genie gen 3 is set up in the bedroom that gets not so great wireless internet.... for got to meation 4k tv in rvu ready

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