New Channel 1


The Mod Squad
For those people who have a ViP series DVR hooked to the internet, you have probably seen HD VOD movies on channel 501. Actually there are about 20 HD different movies there. Now all of these movies (and usually one of them is available in 1080P) you can find them at channel 1.

I personally don't bother with VOD as they cost $4.99 for SD and $6.99 for an HD rental and most will get wiped off your hard drive 24 hours after you start to view the movie. Thanks but no thanks.

While I am almost discussing PPV's (channels 502-525 in HD or 526-560 in SD) I might add that the same rule applies. That is what "Limited Recording" means as you start going through the motions of ordering one to record. You cannot keep many of them.

The same applies to some movies and shows available on DishONLINE and the ONDEMAND offerings.

If it's something you might want to keep, just wait for it to come to a regular channel. EPIX1, EPIX2 and Retroplex have some great stuff. Keep looking for stuff there. That you can keep.