New channel for me!

It's 63 miles out, but it's not tropo scatter this time. even now it's very pixelated but it's known as WBKO-DT, an ABC affiliate-but--get this. on their last sub-channel, it's WBKO-CW. yep!!! The CW Network!!! It's back! or sorta. i need a better antenna. it's not WAZE but all WAZE was was a CW affiliate. now the fun begins. oddly enough it only comes up on my Apex box. the Dish DTVPal Plus says zilch. but it is only 20-25% on the Apex, which means a few more measures will be needed to pick it up. but it's a start!

I have a good mind to power up the workshop TV and see if the set of wings (what i call one of my antennas since that is what it looks like) will even pick that one up. it may do better. heck i may try to use the set of wings as a replacement head for the roof antenna since the cable there has a amp behind it.


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Congrats on the new channel. I'd like a few of those myself. I'm so disappointed in my reception. I only get what the 'green' channels are on TV Fool, and I have a roof antenna. I can't mess with it, though. When I was a kid, I know there was a rotor that controlled it, but it never really worked, and I think they just tossed it one day. Must be something to explain why this roof antenna doesn't get anything better. My sister's rabbit ears get the exact same channel.
This one and another KET Affiliate on 35.1, are over 30+ miles away and in the 'extreme measures' part of the scale, but i've picked up 35.1 for a long time now. it's the exact same as the normal KET so it's more or less a 'repeat' for those in South Central KY. i live in NW Kentucky.

I tried getting handy with some old grill grates and made the WBKO get at least 40-42% and watchable on the Apex in the bedroom, sadly the Dish DTVPal Plus still sees '0 Signal' and nothing. that's odd. same antenna, both boxes share it. the Apex is the reverse for PBS Channel 9.1. nothing but cliff effect and shows '30-35%' but on Dish DTVPal it shows 90-95%.

Piggie, it's some old RV roof antenna. my home is a large (35') travel trailer and the antenna came with it and the amp is where it plugs into the TV in the living room and the there's also a port in the bedroom which runs off it too. i'd guess it's a Winegard-something. there's no branding on the antenna itself but Winegard is common name on Travel Trailers.

Ya know i'd take the limits just to SEE The CW. i missed that one since last December and even if it's only in the bedroom i'd take that over nothing any day.
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