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We seem to not have a clear place to announce the finding of a New Channel, or bring notice to some Show that others may be interested in. So, this Thread may be of help to our Viewers. :applause:


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Comet TV Ota SiFi Channel

I'm not sure just how long Comet has been available, but, I just found it recently.
What a great approach ! Finally we have an OTA "SiFi" channel to watch.
Since they're just getting started, the selections are somewhat limited.
But, they are showing episodes of SG-1 (daily) and SG-U (weekly).
The most part of their scheduling include rather older SiFi Movies,
some rather comical/hokey given the tech of the era.

Can be seen in Houston Texas area on Ch 39.3

To check their daily schedule click:

To find if Comet is available in your area click:
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Comet TV is a Sinclair Broadcasting Group channel in partnership with MGM. Founded in June, 2015, it's been broadcasting since October of last year. They currently cover the majority of American households and are also available on some cable networks. No affiliate in Atlanta yet, though.


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H&I (Heroes & Icons) OTA SiFi TV

I'm pleased to say that I've run across another SiFi source via OTA !

This one being the "H&I" channel (Heroes & Icons).
I was able to watch Star Trek The Original Series, The Next Generation,
Enterprise, Voyager and Deep Space 9.

What a boon for we OTA Since Fiction zealots such as myself.

This channel is presented via:
KPRC TV on OTA Channel 2.3 in my area.
You may check their Website Schedule for programming in your area at:

One thing though...
I'm a little suspicious that the SiFi part of their programming may not be
consistent/forever. The KPRC Digital Channel 2.3 has previously been a
Spanish language Channel, but the above listed programs were in English.
The producers are advertising an "All Star Trek" event daily, and given that
is what makes me suspicious that it may be temporary. However, the promise
is to air the above mentioned programs, from Season 1 Episode 1 to their

So, weather it's a little or a lot, enjoy as I will.

The list of channels where this may be viewed in your area can be found at...
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"Decades" has been showing some promise. Last night they showed "Hysteria", the Def Leppard story.


I recently read that Comet TV was the last new OTA diginet to come on the air. For awhile they (diginets) were popping up to the left and to the right but now they've suddenly stopped. May have something to do with the most recent spectrum auction going on now but with a little luck that auction will fail and free over the air TV will continue to grow.

BTW A New Channels forum sounds like a good idea, SWHouston. Especially if the 2016 spectrum auction flops.
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I'm not sure if I really understand what the Auction is about, possibly sale to producers of a Series for airing ? I was just surprised that there suddenly was TWO channels available, for SiFi airings. Given my lust for that type material, I just had to come online and shout about it :dancing:

Given how much "room" there is with Digital TV, I'm hoping that other interests will be accommodated. Science, History and a lot of what's shown on BBC is very interesting to me as well. Those and other special interest channels are why so many are hanging on to Cable/Sat services.
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SW: The auction he's referring to is the radio band spectrum auction. Basically, the FCC wants to auction-off the UHF frequencies above RF-52 for other communications purposes. If they don't generate enough revenue, then the frequencies will remain for new broadcaster assignment. This would essentially eliminate all UHF channels in the 700 and 800 MHz band.

Considering how crowded the available spectrum is right now and the growing demand for mobile bandwidth, I doubt the auction will fail. The only thing that might prevent it is how limited the bandwidth of sub-1GHz frequencies is. With so many technologies vying for a space in the marketplace and so many multi-billion-dollar companies looking to find some access to radio frequencies, I doubt they'll have any issue finding buyers.

Here's an article that explains it, mentioning the common players (Dish, Verizon, AT&T) but ignoring some potential other bidders (Google, Apple, CISCO) who may be just as interested in obtaining exclusive radio spectrum.


Basically, the government is now trying to sell off TV channels 30 through 51. Problem is, the broadcasters want big bucks for their spectrum and the buyers can't afford or aren't willing to pay that much. We may see a smaller OTA TV spectrum in the future but it's highly doubtful they're gonna' get as much spectrum as they want.


Just short of two years since the last post on this thread and finally another subchannel/diginet of any significance (that's a jab at Sinclairs gawd awful TBD network btw :)) has become available in certain markets. It's a documentary type channel called Quest TV.

Here's the link Quest Television Network | Home

Life After People, Mystery Quest, Unsolved History, are a few of the shows airing on the Quest Network and hopefully Quest will show up on a Dayton, Ohio channel sometime soon too. And what do you all say? Do you watch it or would you watch it if it comes to one of your local channels?
While I love the retro type diginets that have sprang up on digital TV, it's always nice to have something different to choose from too.

Fringe Reception

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Quest Network has been available in Seattle on 5.3 for about a year and we have enjoyed watching two series presentations in particular: : Dogfights and Modern Marvels.
Hmmm, Right best series The opening scene of the first episode was perfect, it captured the panel straight from the comics where Hughie loses his girlfriend via A-Train. After that it fell apart; now I am a fan of Garth Ennis because he wrote a lot of iconic stories and series like Preacher, his run on Punisher, Etrigan, and of course the comic book version of The Boys.
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