New directv installation - DirecTV

I am getting AT&T Directv installed on Friday of this week. Now I know there will be a satellite dish mounted to the roof but I do not want a bunch of cables ran all over the out side of the house. I have already ran a RG-6 cable from my central media closet where all of my RG-6 coax run into, out to an out side locaton on the side of the house.

Will the tech that comes about be able to run the coax cables from the satellite dish into my central media closet, then from the central media closet split it in to the different rooms? I really do not want a splitter on the side of the house, this the the purpose of the central media closet where i have all of my cables running to. I would only like the coax cables that come off of the satellite dish to be ran into the closet.


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