New Dish Regular Prices 6/3/2010


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It's easy to find promotional pricing for Dish all over the web. The question is what will the monthly prices be after the promotion is done.

All packages include local channels. Effective 6/3/2010 everyone pays for locals. They are available in all markets except there are a just a couple of stations (I know about you in MD) where a retransmission agreement has not been reached between one or two stations.

Also, thanks to the new STELA laws, if your DMA does not have all of the "big 4", your area qualifies as an area called "significantly viewed". Dish will import a station that you are missing from a neighboring DMA. Unfortunately, contract disputes will NOT get you the network from a neighboring DMA when the station is available in your DMA. All you can do is call the station and complain.

If you don't have all of your locals available in your area, you may be able to get the "Big 4" networks you are missing either OTA or through All American Direct (AAD). Go to channel 240 (SD) or 81 (HD) for more info on AAD. I say may because AAD can only give you the stations if you are out of what is called a grade B signal quality OTA. You need to be suburban at the very least.

Base packages
Dish Family - $24.99
Classic Bronze 100 - $39.99
Classic Bronze 100+ (includes your local RSN) - $44.99
Classic Silver 200 - $54.99
Classic Gold 250 - $64.99
America's Everything Pack (includes premiums HBO, Cinemax, Starz & Showtime) - $102.98 / EFFECTIVE 2/1/2010 - $99.99 ($2.99 less)

HBO - $16.00
Cinemax - $13.00
Showtime - $13.00
Starz - $13.00
Showtime - $13.00
Playboy - $16.00

Any 2 premiums - $24.00
Any 3 premiums - $33.00
Any 4 premiums - $42.00
All 5 premiums - $52.00

Free HD for Life
Platnum HD - $10.00
Multi-Sports Pack - $7.00

5 Superstations - $7.00
Superstations (a-la-carte) - $2.00 each
WPIX (CW) New York
WWOR (MyNet) New York
WSBK (Ind) Boston
KWGN (CW) Denver
KTLA (CW) Los Angeles
Note: If you live in the NYC DMA, notice you already get 2 of these channels with your locals. If you want the rest, get them a-la-carte for $6.00 total.

622, 622HZ, 722, 722k (Dish Duo HD DVR's) $17 each
522, 625 (Dish Duo DVR's) $17 each
222, 222k (HD Duo Receiver) $14 each
322 (Duo Receiver) $14 each
612 (HD Solo DVR Receiver) $10 each
512 (Solo DVR Receiver) $10 each
510 (Solo DVR Receiver) $10 each
211, 211k, 411 (HD Solo Receiver) $7 each
501, 508 (Solo DVR Receiver) $7 each (I don't think there is a DVR fee for these.. someone correct me if I am wrong)
301, 311, 381 (Solo Receiver) $7 each
All of the old legacy receivers (2700, 4900, etc.) $7 each

If you have questions, post them here and include your package plus any add on's like premiums or HD and what receiver(s) you have.

This thread is a lot of work and I want to add information on the International Packages. That will be added soon. The new Horse Racing TV information that will debut July 1st is in another thread.
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First of all, thanks for all your help. I just called DISH for info on locals. She indeed said locals are now included in all packages including my top 250 with free HD. I asked when HD locals would be available in my 61231. She says the company has no idea at this time. She then said I was grandfathered in for HD for life, plus $10 for my Platinum. She also said that if I wanted to discontinue the Platinum, there would be no downgrading fee. The locals came up in about 10 minutes.
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I found this info regarding international programming on another site. Very informative stuff thanks to satelliteguys.

DISH Network will be changing the pricing for International package as of 11/11/10.

The first change is a new $10 International Access Fee will be added to all international accounts except Great Wall TV / Chineese Elite Package.

Most international customers will also see a decrease in their primary international package.

International customers will have the Locals Only price increase a penny to $10.00
Exisiting International customers who pay for the Locals Only package will not see the International Access Fee added to their account.

The following International Packages will see a price DECREASE:
Hindi: Super - Old Price $44.99, New Price $39.99 - Decrease of $5.00
Arabic: Elite Super - Old Price $49.99, New Price $39.99 - Decrease of $10.00
Bangla: Mega - Old Price $39.99, New Price $29.99 - Decrease of $10.00
Brazilian: Elite - Old Price $44.99, New Price $34.99 - Decrease of $10.00
Greek: Elite - Old Price $34.99, New Price $24.99 - Decrease of $10.00
Hindi: Mega - Old Price $59.99, New Price $49.99 - Decrease of $10.00
Polish: Super - Old Price $39.99, New Price $29.99 - Decrease of $10.00
Taiwanese: Mega - Old Price $39.99, New Price $29.99 - Decrease of $10.00
Urdu: Pak Mega Pack - Old Price $44.99, New Price $34.99 - Decrease of $10.00
Russian: Mega - $32.99, New Price $22.99 - Decrease $10.00

Price Increases:
French: Eurochannel - Old Price $9.99, New Price $19.00 - Increase $10.00
German: Language Pass - Old Price $27.99, New Price $29.99 - Increase $2.00
Hindi: Cricket - Old Price $19.99, New Price $20.00 - Increase $0.01
Polish: ITVN - Old Price $14.99, New Price $19.99 - Increase $5.00
Polish: Polsat2 - Old Price $14.99, New Price $19.99 - Increase $5.00
Polish: TVN Complete - Old Price $19.99, New Price $24.99 - Increase $5.00
Tamil: Jaya Pack - Old Price $9.99, New Price $19.99 - Increase $10.00

Note: if a customer subscribes to a core package (like DISH America) with their package then they will not have to pay the $10 International Access fee..


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(Currently) The Cheapest Package for Dish Network is America's Top 120 Package

Channels Available: Over 120 all-digital channels
Local Channels : Included in the Package
HD Programs : Free HD for Life for 105 channels
Adult Programs : Add $15.99 per month
HBO : 8 channels (Free for the first 3-months)
Showtime Unlimited : 10 channels (Free for the first 3-months)
Cinemax : 5 channels (Free for the first 3-months)
Starz : 8 channels
Lock-up period : 24-month commitment
Price : $39.99 per month
Promo offered : $24.99 per month for 12-months
Savings : $15 per month for 12-months
Free Receivers : 1STD/1HD for 1 TV or 2STD (1STD & 1HD) for 2 TV

America’s Top 120 Package is a Dish Network Basic English Package. It offers the best Sports, Entertainment, News and Family-oriented channels that your family can enjoy.

You can also elevate your viewing powers by adding a few bucks in this package to get the Local Channels available in your area; get High Definition Channels and other Premium Movie Channels like HBO, Cinemax and Showtime Unlimited.
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