New equipment anytime soon? - DirecTV

I've had Uverse triple play for almost four years now. Shortly after I started with the service, the gateway & external battery were replaced with a single unit. The DVR, wired receiver, and two wireless receivers are all original (to the best of my knowledge).

I'm resetting the receivers at least weekly due to signal loss, audio out-of-sync issues, loss of dial tone, or loss of Internet connection. Yes, I know I can have a service tech out for a few hours of puttering that won't really do anything besides waste my time. I'm just looking for equipment that's more reliable.

Does anyone know if AT&T plans to introduce new equipment soon?

Here's what I have right now:
DVR: Motorola VIP 2250
Wireless base: Cisco VAP2500
Wired receiver: Motorola VIP 1200
Wireless receivers: Cisco ISB 7005
Gateway: NVG589

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