New Godzilla Movie Trailer Sets Stage for an Epic Adventure

After teasing movie-goers and Godzilla fans this week with the publication of a number of teasers on the Internet, the second full trailer for the new Godzilla movie is now released. Earlier in the week, the production studio for the movie gave all movie fans an early glimpse of what Godzilla is going to look like through depicting a retreating Godzilla that was standing over a pretty beaten-up city. Next was the release of an international trailer for the movie which happened to include the same footage that was released in the first official movie trailer at the end of last year!
New 2014 Godzilla Movie Trailer
Just to tantalize fans of all high-end, thrill seeking movies, the 2014 Godzilla that is directed by Gareth Edwards makes a pretty neat connection to the original 1954 Japanese movie. As you will see, the clip provides some pretty pointed hints to the post-World War 2 United States military nuclear tests in the Pacific (that occurred in the 1950s) were not actually tests…
If you haven’t seen the new, 2014 Movie trailer, here is the HD post on YouTube by Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures:
When Will the New Godzilla Movie be Released?
According to, Godzilla (2014) - News, the new Godzilla movie will be released in United States theaters on May 16th, 2014 in 3D. The international release of the movie is rumored to occur on May 15th, 2014 in order to coincide with movie goers in the U.S.; however, most publications list the opening day as May 16th for the international release of the movie as well.
Early Release of Godzilla’s Modern Roar
Late in the day on Monday, February 24th, 2014, Legendary Entertainment provided an audio clip for Godzilla fans to enjoy of his roar. Be warned though, you may be a little under-whelmed if you are expecting a Jurassic Park type of experience! Most pundits believe that we’ll be exposed to the real Godzilla roar closer to opening day in a subsequently released trailer (or during the movie for that matter!).
2014 Godzilla Movie Cast
The cast for the new Godzilla movie stars: Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Ken Watanabe, Elizabeth Olsen Juliette Binoche, David Strathairn and Bryan Cranston.
Why Did the 1998 Godzilla Movie Fail to Impress?
Perhaps the bad press that the 1998 Godzilla movie produced is the reason that Godzilla fans are looking forward to the 2014 movie! The 1998 release generally received negative reviews from critics with Rotten Tomatoes reporting that only 25% of the sampled critics gave the movie a positive review with an average rating score of 4.7 of 10 of 63 critics that were sampled. The film would go on to earn a Golden Raspberry award, Golden Raspberry Awards - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, for both Worst Re-Make or Sequel as well as Worst Supporting Actress. It was also nominated for the Worst Director, Worst Picture, and Worst Screenplay at the time. The primary complaints about the movie revolved around the “thin” plot, over-reliance on special effects, and general lack of making sense to the viewing public. Despite the negative publicity; however, the 1998 release of Godzilla was able to gross $136,314,294 in United States domestic ticket receipts and $242,700,000 from the International release for a combined total of $379,014,294 in total gross revenue. As a result of the overall negativity generated by the movie, the planned sequels were abandoned.
If you were Disappointed in 1998, is the 2014 Version of Godzilla Worth It?
Hollywood doesn’t forget (we hope) past mistakes. The studios are making sure that we get enough hints about the plot and superior special effects in the 2014 re-do, to try and make us all forget the 1998 version of the movie. Combine the tie-ins to 1954, the utter havoc that Godzilla wreaks upon humanity in the movie trailer, and the stage is set for an epic, late-spring thriller. From all early reports, the modern version of Godzilla looks to be both 1 – Exciting to watch, and 2 – A movie experience that we will all want to enjoy.
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