New Guy in SaN dIEGO


My coupons were dated to expire 10/10/08...ON 10-10-08...I went to KMART
and COupons would not work..They told me something about they were sent on EST????I live in SAN DIEGO, thoroughly read literature, nowhere did I see anything about EST/PST...any ideas on what to do now?:(

Jason Fritz

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Hi DrMarc, hope you don't mind, but I moved your post to this section: Government Coupon Program Questions - DTV USA Forum

This sounds like a "bug/glitch" with the converter coupon system, and actually, it's the first reported possible cause of why some people are having problems using their coupons on the last day before expiration. (Reference:

I'll do a little digging into what can be done. It's doubtful there will be any course of action that can re-validate your coupons, but atleast your thread can "alert" others who are planning to purchase a converter box on the last day of the expiration date.


Yeah I agree, where you live and where they are sent from should not make a difference. I think that some stores make up things to get you to make the purchase without the coupon. They are hoping to make a few more dollars on their end.


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I am rather surprised at this. I thought that they were good all over. I have never heard of anything like this before. What do you think you will do about it.