New guy, noob question


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You could try satellite installer companies. If they don't do it, then they might know.

Be warned a lot of installers are good, some are not so good. More than one person has come here after having an antenna installed only to find, they could have done a lot better and been happier.

So if you are interested there are many folks here that can evaluate the type, location and needs for your antenna. Even if you can't do any of it yourself, you will know ahead of time what to get, do, etc.

And if you live somewhere there aren't any installers (happening more and more) then you will have enough knowledge to get the kid next door to install it for you.

All you have to do is say you would like us to evaluate your needs and several here will jump at the chance.


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I wish I had an informative reply to your comment.
One might suppose that they encourage the need to say what you want and where, so they can come up with a $.
Best I can offer, like I said, haven't used them.

Have a good Day ! :)