New guy with DTV issues


I really don't watch tv very much. Maybe the news once of twice a week and that's really it. A few months ago I noticed all the local stations began to get fuzzy. I figured well they are cutting back power in perparation for the change over. I went and got a box with the $40 coupon (had to pay 25 bones out of my pocket thanks for nothing uncle sam). Hooked up the box, followed all the directions and the on screen menu says everything is programed correctly. Added a UHF/VHF amplified antenna and I get one or two very grainy stations.
I live within 2 miles of the 3 local network transmitters and now I get none of them. No matter how I adjust the antenna I get nothing. Signal meter always is in the red.

I really feel like we as a nation have just been taken by the government.
All I really want is to see the local news and weather. I could careless about network programing.

Is there anything that I can do short of adding a bunch of antennas and other crap to my house to make this thing work?:mad:
Your reception issues are probably due to too much signal, especially since you're located so close to the TV tower. Definitely get rid of the UHF/VHF amplifier. Do you have a plain set of un-powered bunny ears you could plug into the antenna in on the converter?