New HD Coming?


The Mod Squad
It was said in the last Charlie Chat that a dozen new HD channels are coming within 90 days but nothing about what they are.

The most likely of all are BBC-HD and ID-HD according to rumors going around. But don't quote me on that. What the rest are is anyones guess.


The Mod Squad
Probably BBC America HD right? Forgive me for my ingorance, but what is Charlie Chat? :p
Every few months, Charlie Ergan, the CEO of Dish comes on with Jim DeFranco, VP for a show on channel 101 with all the latest Dish Network news. This show mainly talks about what is new and coming to Dish.

Also, every few months we have a Tech Chat. Top engineers from Dish tell about new technology coming.

There are also Dealer Chats that are private and the general public may not see these. Only dealers. They mainly talk about dealer earnings but also talk about marketing strategy.

As future shows get scheduled, I will post them.