New History Channel Documentary on 9/11 (Thursday)

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New Documentary: Condoleezza Rice Yelled at George W. Bush on 9/11

From the article:

"Condoleezza Rice shouted on the phone at President George W. Bush during the initial chaos after the 9/11 attacks and ordered him to stay away from the nation's capital. Then she hung up on him.

In a History Channel documentary that will be shown Thursday, two days before the ninth anniversary of the terrorist attacks, Rice says she got a phone call from the president after the second jetliner rammed the World Trade Center in New York. He was visiting a school in Florida and said he was coming back to Washington, where the Pentagon was struck by a third plane and rumors spread of a car bombing near the State Department.

No way, Rice told him." ...


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I imagine there will be a lot of shows airing. I've heard of some. Maybe it will remind people because goodness knows people need to be reminded.

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