New Hulu Movie Releases for January 2014

I saw that we had a fair number of Netflix movie release announcements, but not as many Hulu listings. The following are the new Hulu movie releases for January 2014. Please feel free to add any that I missed. Each movie has the link you need to watch the movie afterwards. Note, you'll want to sign up for a Hulu account (free or premium) before going through to most of their links.
New Hulu Movies:
Ali G Indahouse - [video][/video]
All Dogs go to Heaven - [video][/video]
Death Becomes Her - [video][/video]
Jolene - [video][/video]
Man About Town - [video][/video]
Mr. Mom - [video][/video]
Monsters Ball - [video][/video]
Rikki Tikki Tavi - [video][/video]
Spaceballs - [video][/video]
28 Hotel Rooms - [video][/video]
The Secret of Nimh - [video][/video]
The Secret of Nimh 2 - [video][/video]
VeggieTales - Watch VeggieTales online | Free | Hulu
Space Dogs - [video][/video]