New iPad resolution is 50 percent higher than HDTV

Even though this was already known after the initial iPad 3 announcement, I thought it was a cool comparison to HDTV resolution.

Consumers are about to get a higher-resolution screen than has yet been seen in technology for the home, and it's not going to be because manufacturers of PC displays or HDTVs pushed the bar upward. No, the new benchmark for screen resolution on a portable device has been set by the new Apple iPad. Due March 16, it delivers a full 2048×1536 pixels in about 10 inches of screen space — as the company noted at the launch event earlier today, that's not just an eye-popping 264 pixels per inch, but also "one million more pixels than HDTV." (1920×1080 HD has 2.07 million pixels, while the iPad boasts 3.15 million.)
New iPad Beats HDTV Resolution by 50 Percent | Studio Daily


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already computers with good VGA cards reach those resolutions easily, just already the market of micro processors and everything isn't ready to the super high definition, already lack lot to do, more processing power, less energy and heat production for long lasting gadgets, the Tera era already don't come already still on gigahertz era so perhaps this is the opening of the superHD era as the 3D era failed

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